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Performances, Classes & News

Keeping you posted!

***PLEASE NOTE*** I have set up a new website at www.elviza.biz - It looks very similar to this site, but now I will be able to add many more photos plus video clips! From now on that is the site that I will be working on and updating most frequently. For the very latest in show and class announcements please check out that site. Thank you!
Symphony and I will be performing in several upcoming shows including...
Weekends at the awesome UVA International Restaurant! They have fabulous food, a hot staff, great bartenders mixing the tastiest drinks, DJ's playing an eclectic array of Latin, lounge and dance music, a beautiful ambience, a VIP room for your special event, & a great location just off Miracle Mile at 2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd. in Coral Gables! To top that all off I'm there performing bellydance shows EVERY Friday and Saturday night between 9 p.m. and midnight (showtimes vary, but approximately one set per hour).  Come dance with me and show off your best moves! See part of the menu and some photos at www.uvanights.com  Whether you want a place to have a delicious dinner for two, or a big party where you can dance all night, you must come to Uva! Reservations can be made by calling 305-476-8111. And of course, you can always book me to perform at your parties and functions there if it's at a time other than my normal appearances.
Elviza is honored to appear in the welcome party show for Lulu Sabongi, acclaimed Brazilian bellydancer on her first US tour! Special thanks to Rimarah Hare who is organizing as well as dancing at the event. For more info see www.rimarah.com
DATE: October 26th, 2005
TIME: 9:00PM
10880 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour, FL (305) 949-3920
$10 admission
My own Halloween Show production at Uva Restaurant- Sunday, October 30th- more details to come!
Mondays & Thursdays at Superior Performing Arts Dance Center  Beautiful studio! Mixed-intermediate+ level open class- join anytime! They also have lots of other great classes like Flamenco and Ballet. Studio # is 305-259-3121.  ***PLEASE NOTE... studio is being moved to a brand new & more convenient location. Address is 13365 SW 136 Street Unit #3 Grand Opening Show October 22nd at 6:30 p.m.***
Tuesdays 5:45- 6:30 Lady of America gym on Sunset Drive
(SW 72 St.) and 87 Avenue phone # 305-270-9995. It's a great gym with a full schedule of exercise classes.
Wednesdays at the lovely Belly Motions studio in Coral Gables 6-7 p.m. Beginner's 8 week course starts October 19th Call 305-663-1553 and speak with Portia to register!
I am also available for private lessons in-home, and will be adding group classes at other locations in the near future!
I have lots of beautiful hipscarves and veils currently available, as well as some gorgeous costumes, cosmetics and some very nice jewelry- if there is a certain something you're looking for let me know!
Congratulations to Symphony -- she and her friends got to sing for Bill Clinton at the Government Center Rally!
Congratulations to Symphony for attending the dance workshop with Wade Robson and Glenn Douglas Packard October 9th & 10th, 2004- I know she had a great time and learned some cool new moves
Contact me for more info! isiselviza@mindspring.com
BELIEVE IT OR NOT! We went on our vacation to visit our friends, who recently relocated from NYC to Connecticut. On a Thursday, me and my kids piled into the car with our friend LJ and headed into the city for what was planned to be an evening of tripping around the East Village, riding the subway to sightsee, and going into Chinatown to eat soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. Well- I swear on my life-- the minute we went over the bridge and into Harlem what happens? THE BLACKOUT!!! We could not believe it! We were a little scared for a moment, considering the possibilities, but tried to believe the reports that it was just a freak accident. We would have turned right around and left, but of course we had NO GAS! After a couple hours of driving through intersections full of people and trying to make calls that would not go through, walking, eating a slice of pizza from Two Boots- who thankfully had gas stoves- we ended up at LJ's friend Kenny's apartment in Chinatown.
Subsequently, we ended up SLEEPING ON HIS ROOFTOP in the darkest, quietest New York City since the mid-1800's! It was actually pretty neat- at 4:30 a.m. when we decided to go back into the apartment Symphony wanted to know 'why we had to go inside'. Earlier, around 11 p.m. we had gone out for a walk and were fortunate enough to see a couple of male dancers gettin 'down on the corner' with a couple drummers- including a girl who was really good. We almost started bellydancing! Then, we found 'Bereket' a diner that was still serving souvlakis- and they were delicious!! We were so thankful because otherwise we would have starved (the NY pickles we had earlier were good but not too filling). Breakfast the next day was iced coffees and chinese buns. All in all it was a great experience, but we will certainly have to return very soon and get some of those soup dumplings!!
I thank our generous host Kenny, for providing us with a safe place to sleep.

Elviza Isis & Symphony